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Ken Fletcher is a sandstone and basalt specialist.

Ken Fletcher and his construction crews have completed over 13 thousand square meters of stonework. His work includes seven Stone Houses, many Columns, Fireplaces, Retaining Walls, Stairways and Carvings.

Ken and his crew have developed and polished their ability to best shape, carve and present stone for your daily environment.

30 years of service in stone construction has enabled Ken to impart the essence of his learning to his construction crews.

Our capability and experience can deliver innovative expression for your stone space requirements.

Ken is your natural choice when selecting a capable stonemason and can create a rock solid, symphony in stone, that is sensitive to your senses in your daily environment.


Sandstone construction creates an ambience and is a very positive energy in our living environment. The energy of sandstone is often overlooked when choosing a building material. The effects of this “energy”, natural texture and beauty in stone construction, can not be overstated. We are constantly stimulated, not only, by the beauty of stone construction in our environment, but by the legendary energy of its quartz crystal content.

The natural energy of stone is a soothing influence in todays world of microwaves and negative electrical radiation. Architects, designers and home-owners should utilize the “natural work of art” that is stone. In todays world of “soul destroying uniformity”, we are comforted by choosing stone in our daily environment. Each piece of stone makes its own visual statement of textured surfaces, these surfaces can entice us with artistic variety as the sunlight of different seasons is reflected almost mystically, from its legendary crystal content. At the center of stones allure is the mystical qualities of its quartz crystal content.

Natural products are so highly desired in today’s world and stone is the foundation of elegance in construction. The worlds enduring feats of engineering ( Mystical Sites, Places of Worship, Prestigious Buildings and Monuments ) have all been from stone, which is an eternal material used through millennium to record special sites and the triumphs of history. The past should provide inspiration for the future and we should remind those who shape our built environment of the many possibilities, artistic and environmental of stone construction.

In the race for quality there is no finishing lines!. Set your imagination and manifest your creative energies with stone construction. Re-interpret stone to suit your imagination!. You can satisfy your passion for sophistication and quality by using stone in construction, sculpture and carving. Stone can provide a new level of appreciation in your living environment or space.

Stone suits timber, steel, glass and features beautifully with water to mimic nature’s natural presentation. Stone is resistant to tsunami, wind, volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes, fire (firearms) and earthquakes.

The financial restraints of using stone are actually a reasonable expense when innovative use is considered with it’s durability and low maintenance.